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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is endorsed as one of the most germane marketing strategies that accelerate the visibility of a website, thereby increasing the traffic. As an online marketing blueprint, SEO reviews how search engine operates, keywords used by people, how usability, experience and content affect rankings, search engine tools and services etc. It circumscribes both the technical and creative elements for improving rankings, driving traffic, and increasing awareness in search engines. This process has been done to locate your website on top of the search engine result pages (SERP) of major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Getting placement on the very first page of any major search engines shows the credibility of a site; hence, supports in earning the trust of viewers, and every business yearns to reach there.

Why We are?

  • (i)Manual way - This process involves On Page and Off Page techniques. On Page techniques comprise of page titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, URL structures, body tags, keywords density, image SEO, internal linking etc. Off Page Optimization stands for work done immediately off your website that includes social networking sites, niche forum posting, blog posting, search engine submission, niche directory submission, social bookmarking, link baiting, image sharing, business reviews, local listing etc.

    Manual way of optimization has many advantages. As you have full control over SEO strategies, the task can be accomplished according to your plan. This gives you the liberty to choose where your site is linked from. Though it is time consuming, slow and expensive, manual way is mostly recommended over the automatic one.

  • (ii)Automatic way - This method also embraces On Page and Off Page techniques. Social bookmarking soft wares are used to implement this strategy. This is cheaper compared to the manual one and gives accurate and up-to-date information on keyword rankings. But, if it is not used properly, it can generate low quality backlinks.Other important methods involve cross linking between pages of same site, writing content and updating it constantly etc. Content writing segment involves blog posting, article submission, comments and other relevant descriptions that proffer sporadically searched keywords. Updating content has to be done regularly to get the benefit of reaching out to maximum audience.

How You Choose SEO Company

In this ever changing scenario where SEO trends are dynamic, the title of ‘best SEO company’ can be bestowed upon the one which stays abreast of latest SEO trends. Posting structured snippets, optimizing headings, title tags, meta-descriptions and opting for mobile-friendly website designs and map placements are some of the rudimentary factors that affect the visibility of a site but for an increased revenue and higher conversion rate, you need to go an extra mile. Let’s have a look at the 3 most common traits of best SEO companies.

1.Best SEO companies are driven by good content

There are many types of content writers and many types of writing styles but the writers who can’t resist themselves from searching the meaning and usability of new words are the front runners . Yes, the best SEO companies take their content seriously. These companies know what they need. So, they are fussy and can’t compromise on the creativity, curiosity, zeal and intellect of a content writer. As per my personal experience, VIDAAN is one such company in South Delhi that appreciates and put emphasis on the uncanny sides of artists. and Below are some of the characteristics that lay down the very foundation of a writer.

Content writers are avid researchers. Whenever an avid content writer listens to a new word, he instantly checks the dictionary or Google.

Good content writers are not restricted to a specific genre of writing. A wise content writer will never say that he wants to be confined to a specific genre of writing as it would be a major drawback for him/her. Trying hands on other genres of writing would be considered a strength.

Content writers have a knack for learning: Financial growth is important but the most important growth is the expansion of knowledge which is invaluable. Writers understand this and are always on a quest for learning.

Grammatical errors make them go frenzy: They just can’t stand grammatical errors. Ok, it is not in context of website designers or people from other areas but when it comes to a content writer, they demand immaculate grammar.

They are deep thinkers: Nothing is more intriguing and appealing than the words coming from the depth of heart. Pieces of writing written from the depth of heart always leave a discernible impact on the reader and good writers abide by this rule.

They know how to balance quality with quantity: Some days, we are just not in that flow of writing. So, it’s ok for a writer to write less words but on the other days, a content writer precisely knows how to balance quality with quantity in the writing piece.,

2.Best SEO companies understand the power of social media

Today, social media channels can make or break the brand. Yes, we are living in an era where politicians can change the views of citizens to get votes.

Well, the first mistake that we make while checking the social presence of a particular company is that we sometimes judge a company on the basis of its followers which is not a wise approach.The best way to know more about the company’s capability is to see its creative side, the consistency of their Facebook posts and their synchronization with the latest updates.

3. Best SEO companies believe in a careful analysis

Lastly, these companies will never pour the ideas without understanding the purpose and requirement of a client as every strategy is not meant to work for every purpose. Moreover, these companies will maintain transparency and constantly ask for your feedback.

Our Services

seo company delhi

Local SEO

Most of the time Google search based on local result when you search daily need item like restaurant, store, shops. So if your business is like that you must go with local seo.

Local SEO
Social media marketing (SMO)

Social media marketing (SMO)

Today, social media channels can make or break the brand. Yes, we are living in an era where politicians can change the views of citizens to get votes.

Pay per Click (PPC)

Pay per Click (PPC)

PPC (Per Per Click) is fastest way to show your business in Google search. If you want to show your business very fast in google search then PPC is for you.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

It is also called online marketing. When we promote your website on all social media channel and other place where people going that is called internet marketing.

About Internet Marketing

The Changing

Seo Word Scenario

Modern business algebra has changed a lot by getting perched into the virtual world. When this has opened the possibility of getting your business noticed, it posed challenges in many ways, as everybody has access to every facility. For putting signature in the respective field by confronting the competitors, contemporary business adopts new techniques for being a forerunner of the current race.

Since its advent in 1990’s, SEO marketing has undergone prominent changes. Earlier methods involve keywords stuffing, meta keywords tag etc., which opened the way for link building for smooth navigation from 2004. By 2010, there has been a substantial boom in mobile use that further helped people to get access to internet and mobile friendly websites including Facebook. The scope of SEO is ever expanding, as websites contend for getting placement at the top.

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing drive majority of web traffic. With the increase in smart phone users, people spend maximum time in social media, and business gets benefited by this. In spite of the rampant use of social media marketing (SMO), search engines are the principal method of navigation for almost all web users. Due to this online behavior, it is pertinent to optimize your website.

Our Plans

Basic SEO Package

8999 /month

Good package for all startup who want to famous their website in all major search engine.

Local SEO Package

15999 /month

It is best for the all the business who dealing with daily customer service from one place like shop, food chain and coffee house.

SEO Audit Package

24599 /month

It is very good for that business who are big and they want to know their competitor website review as well.

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