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A logotype, better known as logo, is an emblem, symbol or a graphic representation of an organization, business enterprise, individual etc. Ideograms and symbols are used widely in order to get recognized without a name. Many studies have proved that the ocular impact is more profound than any other textual image. Hence, the idea of transfiguring the whole concept and philosophy of an establishment into an integrated a visual illustration is an amalgam of creativity and technology, which facilitates cross-language marketing.

A key constituent in brand promotion, logo serves as a conspicuous attribute in the present day marketing world. It communicates the doctrine and hankering of a business establishment, which is portrayed as the visual or graphic representation of that company’s objective. Logo stays as the identity card of an enterprise, which is projected as one of the most powerful marketing devices. Along with a logo, an exquisite and intense tagline would supplement the resolution of the brand, which announces the quality of the product, helping in diffusing its presence in the market. Logo can stand at its own foot without the cushion of the company name. The appearance of logo announces the standard of the company. In a way, it acts like the spokesperson of an organization.


As logo is designed to represent brands or corporate identity and to nurture quick customer recognition, it is estimated to be counter-productive to redesign logo sporadically. This can work against the above mentioned intentions, as the prevailing logo design has already fabricated a preconceived notion on the customer's mind. The faculty of logo is extremely staunch that it could act both as a developer and a demolisher of any brand. As a strong logo impresses larger audience, a weak logo is more than suffice to dig the pit of an establishment. Hence, it is advisable to design a logo that directly conveys the message of a company.

In this section, colour is a key component, which plays a remarkable part in brand differentiation. Due to the logistics of human visual cognizance, where color contrast plays crucial tasks in optical specific detection, we assess logo colors through various social and cultural settings. Yet, it has to be kept in mind that the colour representation and significance vary across different social and cultural background. Hence, there should not be any dispute between logo colour and logo functionality. Moreover, the colour preference also fluctuates across various industries. For example, intense colours are used in fast food, telluric colour for arts, light shaded colours for corporate offices and banks etc. to name a few.

The process of logo designing demands an intense involvement of marketing team and design platform. It requires a deep understanding of the values and ideas of the brand as well as the beats of targeted market. The step by step process of logo design starts with the devising of concept, executing an initial design, concluding the logo concept, and finally, deciding on colours and its combinations and contrasts. A good logo becomes synonymous with the product or service they provide. At the same time, after achieving desired results, the further step is to check if it is happening every time. At Vidaan, our graphic designing wing creates stunning logos by intermixing colours and other effects in order to design brand mark (symbol or icon), word mark (text), letter mark (initials), combination mark (text and symbol), emblem (text inside symbol) etc. We are proficient in giving shape to instantaneously recognizable and memorable logos, which are illustrative in nature.

Our mode of operation starts with conceptualization process and several illustrations are experimented in drawing board. Later on, we shortlist the best out of those, which are further converted to graphics. From here, the technical part starts. We basically use soft wares such as Corel Draw 6X and Adobe Illustrator, and select the appropriate font and colours.

We provide Illustrative, Artistic, Corporate, Minimalistic and Typographic logo designs added with Corporate Identity including visiting cards, bill books, invoice, letterhead, envelopes etc.

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If you are searching for logo designing company in Delhi with best price and creative logo, then VIDAAN may be give you some thing out of the box. We always take time for your logo because creativity takes time and we are creative agency in Delhi. You can see our work at our portfolio page.

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