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Logos are the most important identity of a company after the Brand Name. After some one hears the name of your brand, the first visual identity someone distinguishes your company from others is 'the logo'. Some people have a misconception of a brand theme representing the brand as the most important, however considering from a professional point of view, a Brand theme is something that is derived from the logo itself, i.e. its make and colors. At times if the logo of a company is changed, we have to change the entire brand theme. There are instances where companies do not even incorporate a theme, but they necessarily need to have a logo. Trade marking is the next step.

Types of Logos

You can segregate the logos in different ways like Typographic, Symbolic, Artistic, corporate or any other format. Based on your field of business we suggest your company a logo of that kind. Mostly food chains have typographic logos and the corporate service providers require a symbol. All corporate have symbols like a few shown below. Please note that they are not created by us. They are just for reference.

No matter how good is your concept, if it does not give a good overall look, or it is not good looking for the common, it requires more work. We do not expect our clients to explain the meaning and depth of the meaning of the logo to everyone who sees it. It should first look good and when the logo has attention, then we should have a reason to define. There are various aspects of a logo, including the nature of business, color that should represent it, the same making it artistic, or with bold square edges and many more which are considered while we build up the first visual identity of your brand, which should last for ages.

Unlike various other Logo Designing or Branding companies, before we start of with the conceptualization of a logo of a company, our team gives it an in depth analysis. Every logo that we make, out team of experts give their views. We try to give a logo that is not just creative but also understandable an aesthetically correct. There are a couple of rules we follow while coming up with a final output.

Type Of Logos

Symbolic Logo Design:

When you read this word symbolic your mind may be got some hints that it is symbol type. These type of logo give a symbolic face of your business. When you create these type of logo we must be aware that logo represent the business of nature in good way. If possible it is shows your aim of business.

Example of Symbolic Logo Design:

Typographic Logo DesigningTypographic Logo DesigningTypographic Logo Designing

Artistic Logo :

It is combination of typographic logo with design. When designer play with your text with full creative design and make a design for your business it is called artistic logo.

Example of Artistic Logo Design:

Typographic Logo DesigningTypographic Logo Designing

Corporate Logo :

It is like artistic logo but at this logo your design are very simple and state design without creative staff. It is combo of symbolic and artistic but professional way

Example of Corporate Logo Design:

Typographic Logo Designing

Type Of Logos

  1. Organisation logo
  2. Charity logo
  3. Insurance logo
  4. Security logo
  5. Automobile logo
  6. Education logo
  7. Wildlife safari logo
  8. Travel and tourism logo
  9. Brand logo
  10. Restaurant logo and menu


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