Vidaan, a new branding, logo designing, website designing and online promotions company situated in Delhi, is the new make over of the SEO company, Place On Top. Buttressed by the sumptuous experience of the vivid enthusiasts,Vidaan now aims to step into the entire regime of Branding, offering world class web designing, logo designing and other branding services for an entity or a personal. The enthusiasts are creative and eager to lay their hands on creating captivating branding solutions, sumptuous website user interfaces just like it has provided satisfying results to its clients for its previous services. Vidaan aims to grow and grow along with its clients backed with the decade above expertise and strategies that aided in serving domestic and international business giants. These prolonged years of experience aid us to take care of various business requirements meticulously and reliably delivering results that bring smiles to our clients. Our solutions are attuned to meet the exigencies of present world’s challenges, thus giving an impetus to your progress. Discerning the requisites of each and every client.

The New Name!
It was our intention that our new company which is coming out of the working boundaries of just online promotions and moving towards an entire Branding Gamut,should change the name from a previous justified name for an online promotion, i.e. Place On Top to something more vivacious and victorious that would reflect its capabilities of serving the industry with world class designs and something that people can bank upon for reliability and on-time services. Thus the name, Vidaan! Though we still think that Vidaan's aim and intention is just the starting and to provide a justification to the same is something that can only be done in the coming future with its Karmas.
The Logo
Since Vidaan is a name in the making, we wanted all the V I D A A N characters to be in the logo symbol and display the charactor of all of them uniquely. Alongside, we also wanted to have one important aspect of our attitude to reflect in the logo, a fast growing attitude! A fast growing attitude, we would like to provide our esteemed cusomters and also derive for ourselves. And to reflect the same, an upward and forward direction ARROW came much close to our imagination and rational thinking. Hence after a lot of time and creation. we came up with this logo. If you observe carefully, the VIDAAN logo has all the characters displayed in it plus a forward and upward directional arrow and when they say God favours those who work for themselves, it was true in this case too. We got a perfect Bow along with the Arrow to launch it into future!
Our path of making the deemed result a magnum opus is torched by a vision of establishing a kingdom in the web world. Employ this good time to explore the novel vistas of our online theatre. Because for us, it is: Happy you, Happy Vidaan!

CORE team

The VIDAANIANS could be geeks for other professions, but vivid for our respective field. We know what we do and we love doing just that. We know SEO and we know it Good! We know Logo and Web DESIGNING and we are awesome at that too! Ask us to design your website or your logo world class, we will do that. We make the designs crisp, elaborate, aesthetically just right to make a mark on the viewer and shine just as much as to not outplay the main USP of your product or service. Our SEO, Nand Kishor and Rakesh Mallick work in tandom to raise different websites in the rankings of Google and other search engines as swiftly as our HTML coder Shweta plays his fingers on coding your websites simply beautiful and simply light. There after, the awesome team just leaves a simple task for me, i.e. Shashank to fill up the gap at all places and co-ordinate everything to bridge the gap in between a customer's exact requirement and what my team gives them back.


Creative thinkers, clever developer and web geeks

superheroes apply here.

We're hiring! Send in your CVs to hr@vidaan.com

Alternatively you can contact the HR here: 9711329926